September 2018

High Quality PVC-U Windows

Imagine your home with windows that are as long-lasting as they are beautiful – and as elegant as they are energy efficient. By replacing your existing windows with our PVC-u windows you’ll make your favourite place quieter, safer and more secure. When your at home you’ll see the difference with new windows that are the […]

May 2018

uPvc Windows

The Struggle to Combine Energy Efficiency and Solar Power

Energy efficiency upgrades may be less trendy than solar power, but they can deliver substantial financial benefits to both contractors and homeowners. They also often have a more rapid payback than solar installations provide. Nearly zero-energy buildings: building for energy efficiency, comfort and affordability. Assessing and installing comprehensive energy efficiency measures is much more complicated […]

April 2018

uPvc Windows

Improved life at home

WINDOWS AND DOORS ARE IMPROVING LIFE AT HOME The indoor climate has major impact on how people feel. Some people spend as much as 85 percent of their lives indoors – at home or at work. Daylight is also of major importance to our well-being. Consequently, modern windows and doors can make a real difference […]

March 2018


RAW MATERIAL’S QUALITY AND TECHNOLOGIC INNOVATION, FOR A SPECIAL AND EXSCLUSIVE FINAL RESULT The technology of sectional doors, the warmth of wood. The doors from Wood Line  ranges are made with marine plywood Okoumè, a wood native on the equatorial Africa. The patent anti-pinching profile grants the coat’s safety movement. The finishing is granted with […]