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For new construction and modernisation, Zero Energy offers you doors for all building areas all from one source. High quality, colour design and a wide variety of equipment options also characterise this programme.

  • Modern design of door panels matches well with the new generation style of the 21st century buildings.
  • Simple, geometric form, asymmetries and grand combination of glass and metal match perfectly with modern architecture.
  • Door panels are available in wide range of colour and wood-like foils
  • Metal, ‘no-finger’ ALU frames do not require additional maintenance offering protection against visible fingerprints.
  • Door panels show minimal thermal expansion significantly reducing risk of deformation.



HPL PANEL – a door panel made of heat reactive resins. Resin and paper are the base of HPL material  providing exceptionally low thermal expansion, high firmness and mechanical strength that do not change over time.


ALU PANEL – .Currently aluminum is one of the best materials used  for production of door infills  offering outstanding durability. 1.5mm thickness of the outer layer of the door is the reason of the panel’s firmness and mechanical strength.



We offer 5 years warranty running from the day of purchase  under the condition of according-to-instruction use of the front door panel infills.