May 2018

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The Struggle to Combine Energy Efficiency and Solar Power

Energy efficiency upgrades may be less trendy than solar power, but they can deliver substantial financial benefits to both contractors and homeowners. They also often have a more rapid payback than solar installations provide. Nearly zero-energy buildings: building for energy efficiency, comfort and affordability. Assessing and installing comprehensive energy efficiency measures is much more complicated […]

April 2018

uPvc Windows

Improved life at home

WINDOWS AND DOORS ARE IMPROVING LIFE AT HOME The indoor climate has major impact on how people feel. Some people spend as much as 85 percent of their lives indoors – at home or at work. Daylight is also of major importance to our well-being. Consequently, modern windows and doors can make a real difference […]

February 2018

uPvc Windows


In order to provide high quality of services, we offer free-of-charge measurement to our clients. We will gladly answer all your questions, give advice on which product performs its functions best, make free-of-charge measurement and propose appropriate products.

March 2017


Elegant, round line, 68mm installation depth tilt and turn timber window made of the best quality 3-layer wood. Ecoline timber windows are sealed with an inner gasket made of durable and solid EPDM rubber and come equipped with aluminium or wooden drip edge. TIMBER WINDOWS Wood is a material that emanates beauty and energy and […]


Porta scorrevole è una soluzione moderna e funzionale porta disponibili all’interno del sistema Aliplast. Come opporsi al porte a battente tradizionale, fascia scorrevole si apre lungo l’elemento fisso permettendo al sistema di essere utilizzato in camera meno spaziosa. Scivolo Plus è isolato termicamente sistema di scorrimento luce che può essere applicato come 2, 3, 4 […]